Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Just a little love story...

While sitting on our balcony last week in Florida, we had the privilege of watching this story unfold.  We saw a lady walking two golden retrievers along the beach when one got away from her.  This wonderful lady in the white helped out with one dog while she chased after the runaway dog.  

As we watched, the runaway dog proceeded to swim out into the ocean.  Soon we realized his/her "dad" was one of the kiters and was trying to catch up with him.  When dad saw the dog he came ashore so the dog would follow.  This dog was doing some serious swimming out there in the rough ocean just to see dad.

I got this one shot of the "good" dog greeting dad but unfortunately didn't get a good shot of the wayward dog bounding down the beach towards dad.  

Too sweet of a story not to share.  I thought this was a better thing to do than to react to all of the idiotic political comments being posted on Facebook tonight.  So thank you to this wonderful family for such a fun moment.

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