Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Friday Night

This past Friday the 13th was spent with my brother in our hometown of New Ulm, MN.  We were a bit early for our planned adventure so added a flight of sour beers at The Starkellar.  This is a pretty cool place.

This was our planned stop.  Happy Hour on the Deck at The Grand Center for the Arts and Culture.  Mr. Lee Weber was amazing.  Love the atmosphere here at The Grand.

My goal is to get the City of New Ulm to convert some of the empty storefronts in the downtown area into some kind of fun hotel.  It would be so wonderful to be able to take advantage of the amazing music scene downtown New Ulm has going on and not have to either drive home or to the other end of town to one of the few hotels in town.  I would have to imagine the downtown bars would like to see the same thing?

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