Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day 102, Year 3 (832)

Grammy's Crazy Cats...

This was my creative project for today.  Late last night I got this crazy idea I should make a bag of some sort for Mara.  My plan was to make a cloth tote bag because they are something I've always loved to make.  But I saw this crochet pattern and knew I had to make this.  

The pattern didn't call for a lining (see below) but I wanted her to be able to put anything in there she wanted without it falling out of the bag.  And I was afraid the bag wouldn't hold up as well without the lining.  Also, the pattern had a crocheted flower instead of the buttons.  Love the buttons.

There was time while dinner was cooking to take some photos.  I'll save those for a rainy day.

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