Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 187 (552)

Tiger in the Jungle

Two years ago I planted about 200 flower bulbs.  Last year we had a few new tulips and some iris grow but nothing else.  Some lilies DID grow but the rabbits like to eat those so we never had flowers just stems. 

This year we didn't have any tulips but about 10 times more iris.  The lilies the bunnies normally eat actually bloomed but were on the end of stems without any leaves.  (:

There is one flower bed that is almost always weeds.  It is over run by creeping charlie and a variety of other invasive weeds.  This year we just let the weeds take over.  But among the weeds are bunches of these beautiful lilies.  I guess now I have to go out and weed so they can continue to grow.  ):

This one was tucked under a "volunteer" tree with just a tad of sunshine hitting.  Pretty, pretty.

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